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We get into his car, and he drives up around the corner to Haes car. He spoke with The Intercept's Natasha Vargas-Cooper. Some of what Wilds claims in the new interview also contradicts what he told police a point he addressed. Supposed evidence of this relates to how the reward money was paid out. However, I do have a note fromAltemate Number 4, In view of that fact that youve determined that Ms. Gutierrez is a liar, will she be removed? But in his interview with the Intercept, Jay doesn't seem to think the evidence for premeditation was beyond a reasonable doubt. Ultimately, Wilds said he didn't feel he had anything to add to Koenig's investigation into Adnan Syed 's guilt or innocence. That's why we keep our work free. In keeping with the Serial model, The Intercept says this was part one in a series of interviews with Wilds, so keep an eye on Chaudry's Twitter for further reactions. What do you think? The other thing to understand is something about the culture of Baltimorethis is where the Stop Snitching video comes from. Each week, we explore unique solutions to some of the world's biggest problems. The thing is that the story Jay told at trial is not the same story Jay told police the first time.. In addition to conflicting his previous accounts, Jay's new timeline leaves a lot of lingering questions: Why were Jay and Adnan driving around so desperately looking to buy weed, as Jay testified at trial, if Jay himself was supposedly a dealer with a big stash at his grandmother's house? All we know about Alain Marceau, talked about the impact of Jays testimony. We were in the car, we were riding, smoking. Thats led to some wild and totally unproven ideas on reddit, notably that Adnan hired Jay as a kind of hitman. The first season of Serial ended this month, but the story is far from finished. We have done best to reduce the size for you, but there are limits because the original quality was fairly poor. Theres also the added fact that Wilds boss at the time told people Wilds had to leave work several times to talk with the police before the date of that official interview. He feared the police. Then what happens, and what time is it roughly? #FreeAdnan. But they're comprehensible, even familiar. After the verdict, Gutierrez wouldnt respond to Adnan or his parents, and they asked Judge Heard for help having her dismissed from the case. After that, a public defender, Charles H Dorsey III, was appointed to represent him at the sentencing hearing on 25 June 2000. It began with his fear of being prosecuted for dealing pot in his high school. We've finally heard from Jay Wilds, the key witness in the murder of Hae Min Lee. Jay says: Adnan probably wasn't with Hae's car at Best Buy. But the fact that Wilds' story shifted so much has many "Serial" fans saying he wasn't ever a credible witness. Officer Adcock also testified that he was probably the 6:24 p.m. incoming call on Adnan's cellphone log, which would have been during that time. I went to concerts, like anything from Wu-Tang to Warped Tour. Shes a high school girl, Oh, hes cute, Oh, whateverthings fizzleout. He left in his car and I was trying to collect myself at my [grandmothers] house. There is no call to Jay on Adnan's phone log in the evening. Syed was previously sentenced to life in prison. The other thing to understand is something about the culture of Baltimorethis is where the Stop Snitching video comes from. But Brown wantd to sell soon & Jay couldn't get paid till Nov. When did you two get closer to each other? Something went wrong. No one is quite sure what they are, but the timing of the taps on the recording seems suspicious. Once the police made it clear that my drug dealing wasn't gonna affect the outcome of what was going on, I became a little bit more transparent.". Cathy has people over when we get there. 'Serial' Subject Takes HBO, 'Serial' Subject Adnan Syed Will Get a New Trial, Secret Chinese Police Stations in Europe Are 'Tip of the Iceberg', Trump's Attorney Just Blew Carroll Rape Case, King Charles Says Royals Require 'Acting Ability', Ukraine Will Regain 'Significant Territory' From Russia, Florida GOP Paves the Way to Help Ron DeSantis Challenge Trump. He had this very detailed story of pulling into Best Buy; Adnan is wearing these red gloves. He claims Adnan strangled Hae, showed Jay the body and made Jay help bury Hae's body. Now he's given us a whole new timeline of the supposed events of that day. Anything thats going to make [Syed] innocent doesnt involve me. It's guilt that has to be proven. Im going to be late for practice, so just drop me off. Number of seasons: Three. Wilds told police that he helped Syed dig the hole where her body was buried and led police to her missing car. In another interview with police he tells them it was at a Best Buy. Assessing the truth behind the existence of the mind power, What happened to Kmart? The fight to make it harder for landlords to evict their tenants, On Succession, Sisyphus rolls the rock uphill, Ecuadors political instability, explained. Now, he doesn't mention this at all, because he said he wasn't sure where Hae's car was at the time. I wasnt fully cooperating, so if they said, Well, we have on phone records that you talked to Jenn. Id say, Nope, I didnt talk to Jenn. Until Jenn told me that she talked with the cops and that it was ok if I did too. Wilds told Vargas-Cooper that he didn't trust the police at the time. Number of episodes: 25+ (ongoing). I asked him where were going and he says, Didnt you say everyone gets dumped in Leakin Park?. Inside Sheins controversial culture, Does Noom really work? Hallelujah, it worked,keep talking buddy. I pick him up he doesnt have any car with him. "I just felt like she was lying," Wilds says. Undisclosed proffers that Wilds was going to use the reward money to purchase the motorcycle, but Brown says he sold it to someone else. It takes him about half an hour, 45 minutes, and he comes back with gloves on, panting, like, She was really heavy. Thats all he says. Adnan and Stephanie were also very close witch could be another reason as to why Jay is. I was also around a bunch of people earlier that day [at Cathys], and I didnt want them to get fucked up with homicide., Jay painted his lying as an act of altruism. The prosecutors ask the jury to believe him anyway. Something definite in both media arguments is Wilds's change in story. And then in his Intercept interview, Wilds said the body was actually in front of his grandmas house, but he told police it was at the Best Buy, because he didnt want to involve his grandma. Sarah pointed to Jays inconsistencies as one of the main reasons she believed in Adnans innocence. Historical Fact. So that would ruin her life too, Wilds told Vargas-Cooper. PERJURY ABOUNDS! Almost by definition, the testimony of someone who repeatedly lies to you is not beyond a reasonable doubt; it's testimony that you would be unreasonable, The secret delegate battle that will decide the 2024 Republican nominee. I didnt think he was going to go kill her. The kind of reporting we do is essential to democracy, but it is not easy, cheap, or profitable. Yeah. I dont know what happened, what occurred between them that day. Jay sounds like he's in some middle school play where everyone is horrible at acting and just robotically mouthing the words they're supposed to say. Were sitting there smoking and he receives a phone call from the police and gets all panicky. What the Undisclosed pod offers up for an explanation is that because Wilds himself came under investigation, he could not recover the money. Attorney for the Defendant: Maria Cristina Gutierrez. I had friends but the groups were small. When police were investigating Lees murder, CrimeStoppers offered a $3,075 reward for any information that would lead to the arrest of the murderer. The reports of his ill health explained, How did Jung Chae-yul die? #FreeAdnan #MerryChristmas, I just can't even. Dorseys sentencing argument (Adnans new lawyer) p13 Get started for FREE Continue. Philip Buddemeyer Baltimore City surveyor p93 The call log, though, could maybe support part of Jay's new timeline. He tells a friend it was at the library. With this interview, Jay has now burned the corpse.". Now I dont wanna tell the people at Cathys that this guy Im with just killed his girlfriend and the cops just called because then they would all be a part of this fucked up thing. He argues that the only people with a right to demand he come forward and tell his story would be Lee's family. All about the workings of this global humanitarian organization, Was Charles Stanley sick? In one interview with police he tells them Adnan showed him Hae's body on Edmonson Avenue. And it was really hard for him to deal with being on the losing end. Yes. Sergeant Kevin Forrester BPD homicide sergeant p195, Jay Wilds testimony begins p12 "It just makes me feel like, what else is he capable of from the situation that we've been through?" Episode 2 ends with Horton placing a call to talk to Wilds about what happened back in 1999. appreciated. One such person was Jennifer Pusateri, who had a vital interaction with Syed and alleged accomplice Jay Wilds on Jan. 13, 1999, the night Lee, a high school student in Baltimore, was murdered. Losing track of how many times Jay's story has changed. I think that was his first real girlfriend, and I think thats why his reaction was so strong. There was only Jay's testimony which seemed, at least in the prosecution's telling, to be backed up by cell phone records. Many questions remain about Wilds true role in the case, but theres no shortage of theories. However he ended up doing itwhether it was premeditated, an involuntary reaction at that point in timehe just couldnt come to grips with being a loser and failing. Part three is scheduled to be published on Wednesday. Hae. Went canoeing. He was magnet. Following a rare 2014 interview with Natasha Vargas-Cooper ofThe Intercept, the outlet reported that Jay lived with his wife and children in a two-story suburban home., Wilds accused Sarah Koenig of trying to strong-arm him into giving an interview onSerial. And thats not necessarily mebut that is my family, that is my uncles and cousins. He came back with no tools or anything. She showed up on his doorstep one day and begged him to talk for her series. Is that why you didntinitiallycooperate with the police? Adnan then threatened to expose Jay's drug dealing operation if he didn't help bury Hae. Its not my job to figure that out. It took the viral podcastSerialto highlight the cases inconsistencies and a determined prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, to dig into Adnans case which she wasnt obligated to do and ask the court to set aside Syeds erroneous conviction. Im pretty sure it was my fear of going to prison for having a bunch of weed in my grandmas house. "Jay testified early on that the police said were considering charging you with this murder. Koenig, the host of Serial, has not yet commented on Wilds interview. Jay said:I feel like [Koenig] created an evil archetype of me and sensationalized my motives. He recalls a tense meeting with Koenig, who was attempting to persuade him into participating in the podcast, and remembers Koenig telling him that there were new developments in the case. There are also a few incoming calls at this point, but unfortunately, the records don't show us who they came from. Defendant: Adnan Syed #FreeAdnan She didnt look beat up. Pusateri and Wilds were . She's trying to free a loved one from serving a life sentence for a murder she believes, firmly, that he didn't commit. I didnt tell the cops it was in front of my house because I didnt want to involve my grandmother. How old were you when you first met Adnan Syed? Wilds said he gave false testimonies because he feared the police would convict him for selling marijuana. But that, according to what I learned later, is probably not what happened. Support our mission and help keep Vox free for all by making a financial contribution to Vox today. Been saying some special Islamo-prayers for Jay to open his mouth & exonerate Adnan. He claimed Syed had spoken about killing Lee a week before her actual murder and disappearance. Wilds also shares a follow-up email. And people were starting to find out he was a loser, Oh, you and Hae arent together anymore. This is where people would have their house firebombed and still tell the police they knew nothing about it rather than to try to make some sense of whats going on. Jays wife and mother entertained the couples young children while Jay and I spoke in the family living room. Its where Im from. It took about 45 minutes for Adnan to finish burying Hae, according to Jay. "Im coming at this as someone who knew Adnan since he was young," she says. Got called an Oreo. Hearst Magazine Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. But his manager was his mom. Losing track of how many times Jay's story has changed. Once the police made it clear that my drug dealing wasnt gonna affect the outcome of what was going on, I became a little bit more transparent.. What exactly did Jay Wilds do to help Adnan Syed? Without Jays testimony, prosecutors have little chance of retrying Adnan. Syeds trial, and Jays testimony, became the focus of a This American Life spinoff series, the 12-part podcast Serial, broadcast in the fall of this year. 2. Ill call you from someone elses phone when Im done.. It helped fan the flames of this story that people had already moved on from.. When did he first talk to you about hurting her? My New Years just go SO HAPPY. But they don't need to. Jay said: I was also running [drug] operations from my grandmothers house. I met him while I was still at Woodlawn, so around 1998. Adnan and Jay seemed to be good enough friends to one another and seemed to spend a good amount of time together. Baltimore police were already focusing their investigation on Syed after an anonymous tip told them to look at Lees ex. (Although he could have used a different phone.). According to Susan Simpson, another lawyer working on the Undisclosed podcast, the official recorded interviews between Wilds and the police reveal some strange auditory clues to why the police would lie about the date they began questioning Wilds. This is where people would have their house firebombed and still tell the police they knew nothing about it rather than to try to make some sense of whats going on. The way Wilds tells it, Syed pressured him to help dispose of Lee's body. The problem is that Jay was, well, a bit of a liar. I know it didnt happen anywhere other than my grandmothers house. The reason I think @BaltimorePolice knew Jay/Jenn were lying (and were ok with it) is b/c they didn't try to find shovels till weeks later. Jay told the story that convicted Adnan. In one police interview, Wilds said he saw the body, it was in a. Is this when you first saw Haes body in the trunk of her car? Jay's interview also undermines very specific charges. July 1, 2016. Why I believe Jay Wilds. To which, Wilds responded, [T]his guy drove up in front of my grandmothers house, popped the trunk, and had his dead girlfriend in the trunk. I only smoked with him two or three times. When we were digging the hole, its not like Haes body was just lying next to us. He told the police enough to get them off his back, but he withheld anything he thought might widen their investigation to his friends and his family. A December 1999 trial ended in mistrial. By entering your email and clicking Sign Up, you're agreeing to let us send you customized marketing messages about us and our advertising partners. Did you go to Leakin Park immediately after agreeing to help? EGAD he cannot keep his lies STRAIGHT #FreeAdnan #ThanksJay! There was never a real friendship. Stephanie [Jays girlfriend] came to me and said Adnan is pretty cool, plus he wanted to buy some weed. Then he calls me and says, Come pick me up., So I go to pick him up, and when I get there he says, Oh shit, I did it. I say, Did what? He says, I killed Hae.. When I ask her for her theories of what could have happened that day, she says she doesn't know, but she offers three possibilities Adnan murdering Hae doesn't even make the list. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Nisha Adnans romantic interest p25 Jay Wilds, the key witness in Adnan Syed's trial, gave his first interview in years, and now Rabia Chaudry, the woman who introduced Sarah Koenig to Syed, claims it proves Wilds has been lying the whole time. Colin Miller, a law professor who writes at the EvidenceProf Blog, is unsparing in his evaluation of what this does to the state's case. The star witness at Syeds trial was Jay Wilds, a former classmate who testified that he helpedSyed dispose of Lees body. Im being manipulated into whats being done right now.. Reason 2: Jay is one of the alternate suspects. new jersey serial killer unsolved,

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