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Atelier LA Values

Our Studio makes everything in-house, operates with a low carbon footprint & uses industry standard materials.

Atelier LA is a small boutique style Design House with a unique Artisan to Client structure. Atelier LA places emphasis on its unique design practices specifically: Ceramic Works, Home Decor, Business Decor,  Fashion & Jewelry.

Using a mix of organic qualities meeting modern day living comforts, in style.

  • Innovative Design
  • Eco Conscious
  • Creative Culture/ Cultivation
  • Products by Edition
  • Artisan Made
Atelier LA Decor/Function

Atelier LA: Ceramic Works

Whether you are lighting sage, presenting a new dish or needing a new vibrant design element, Atelier LA provides quality, unique artisan made works. Made to elevate function and mood.

Atelier LA Lifestyle

Atelier LA: Fine Garments

Production for Wearable Pieces is small batch style and have numbered seasonal drops based on creative artistic exploration.

Garments are uniquely designed and released by Edition.

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"I love burning Sage and Palo Santo to cleanse my space & purify my air. So having a beautiful burning tray that looks amazing in my living room is perfect for me."
Los Angeles, CA.
"Fabulous buy for my businesses, I began serving food in a different way on platters and using different "vessels" to elevate plating styles for amazing foodie bites. It really changed the customer experience!!"
San Franciso, CA.

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