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Super Easy & Healthy: Brussels & Zucchini Squash

To show the versatility of the Atelier LA Design, I wanted to Showcase various Vessels that are created to be shown in context with Food. Nothing beats your favorite mug or cereal bowl, is it interesting that we have these attachments to our dining or drinking pieces. That being said I began thinking of ways to merge these two ideas of Ceramics & Food Artfully as a way for some Vessel Pieces to display beautifully made food as well, each counterpart amplifying the other. Here is one of my favorite Brussel Sprout Recipes below:

You can add Zucchini Squash to it to create a Medley of Flavors!

  1. Wash Zucchini Squash (1 or 2 depending on serving size, ProTip: Leftovers can be thrown in an Omelette with Mozzarella.)
  2. Chop Squash into med-thin sliced medallions then slice again in half (“Half Moon” shape)
  3. Toss Chopped Squash in Oil or Place in Air Fryer & Spray Oil evenly on top
  4. Drizzle Garlic Powder

Cook for 7-mins @ 375 Degrees F.  

(Save Zucchini Squash in Air Fryer to keep warm!)

  1. Break apart each leaf from each Brussel Sprout
  2. Toss Leaves & Chopped Squash in Oil
  3. Add Garlic Powder
  4. Add Diced Onion
  5. Add Garlic (Chopped Finely)
  6. Add Paprika
  7. Add Pepper
  8. Add a bit of Crushed Thyme 
  9. Add a Pinch of Sea Salt
  10. Toss to get Spices Mixed onto the Oiled Brussel Leaves
  11. Add Brussels to Squash, Mix gently to Create New Medley

Cook for 13-mins @ 375-385 Degrees F.

Toss and Flip Once More… (taste test encouraged)

Cook for 7-mins @ 375 Degrees F.

Serve & Enjoy with Family & Friends!! Crunchy like Chips, Lightly Salted & Ready to Eat!!

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