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Stones, Sage, Crystals & Candles

Burning Trays & Ash Trays

Atelier LA Lifestyle: Crystal Trays, Burning Trays, Ash Trays, Herb Trays, Incense Holders, Oil Vessels, Candle Drip Trays, Candle Vessels,  Crystal Vessels, Mini Catch-alls, Charm & Trinket Catch-alls… 

The beauty of these vessels is the seamless integration of life breathed into the very clay itself. Each piece is uniquely made with time and attention to every detail.

The versatility of these Collections stem from a design aesthetic that embraces the function of everyday life.

Ways to Use a Burning Tray:

“Saging is a traditional technique of smoke cleansing that has its roots in the Native American tradition of smudging”

Benefits of Burning Sage are Believe to Include:

  • Removing bacteria from the air
  • Repelling insects
  • Improving intuition
  • Purifying specific objects
  • Improving mood, reducing stress and anxiety
  • Ridding & clearing negative energy 

Benefits of Burning Palo Santo:

  • Aids relaxation, reduces stress & pain
  • Attracts good fortune, love & creativity
  • Used for spiritual purification & cleansing
  • Contains constituent d-limonene; very therapeutic for emotions (oil & smoke)
  • Smoke is believed to have medicinal & therapeutic energies

(Sage and Palo Santo work separately to cleanse a space but together they are more powerful.) 

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