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Holiday Platters & Ornaments

Holiday Ornaments & Serving Platters   Get Ready for the Holidays, Share Delicious Meals & Memories!!   Atelier LA offers the most elegantly designed, homemade dining ware. Holiday Platters are most excellent for plating beautiful dishes!! Atelier LA Porcelaneous Stone Ware.  “Looks like porcelain; and strong like stoneware. “ Artisan Made. Hand Created. Truly Unique. Designer Collectable. Style […]

Quick & Healthy Air-Fried Brussels N’ Squash

Super Easy & Healthy: Brussels & Zucchini Squash To show the versatility of the Atelier LA Design, I wanted to Showcase various Vessels that are created to be shown in context with Food. Nothing beats your favorite mug or cereal bowl, is it interesting that we have these attachments to our dining or drinking pieces. […]

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